Terms of Service
Principles underlying the Terms of Service
Software development maintenance mainly consists of two phases: Discovery and Execution (amending the software).

The discovery phase can for any individual case range from negligible effort up to close to 100% of the effort. Without a reasonable amount of discovery, the effort needed for execution cannot be determined. The discovery process leans heavily on the programmer’s expertise and experience. It can be a costly exercise and it is rarely possible to accurately estimate the effort that will be required.

The execution can range from trivial to complex and might lead to new discoveries impacting the complexity of execution in a positive or negative way. It leans mainly on the programmer’s skills and experience. Given the output of a comprehensive discovery process, the execution can be estimated reasonably accurately, but deviation margins can grow exponentially with the size of the estimated work.

A core value of Vidisolve is mutual trust. Vidisolve’s business model is built on trust and without it Vidisolve cannot function adequately.

General Terms
  1. Vidisolve works on a time and material basis.
  2. Time spent during any given month, including time spent on work in progress, is invoiced at the beginning of the following month.
  3. Invoices are normally payable within 14 (fourteen) days after invoicing.
Special Terms: Quotes and Estimates
Special terms of service providing for quotes and binding estimates on work can be negotiated on request.

Basis for negotiations can be found under the heading "Special Terms: Quotes and Estimates" in the full Terms Of Service document.